New : Live Chat Integration

Resolve customer queries faster

Smart Knowledge Base to keep your customers happy by letting them help themself through self-service.

Your way to turn your knowledge into an amazing customer experience

Build self-help support

Create and manage help articles to build a knowledge base where help is always available for your users.

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Measure the helpfulness

Our analytics will help you measure if your help articles are useful or not. When an article is downvoted a lot you know it needs to be improved.

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Bring down support cost

No matter how good your product is, the simple truth is problems & doubts keeps coming up. Reduce resource time needed to handle repetitive questions and cut support cost.

Gain user’s trust

Users value time. By allowing them access help articles they feel in control and knows help is always a click away.

Understand users need

See what your users are searching for and all those unanswered questions that need an answer.

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Ready to make customer service your competitive advantage?