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Auto-Pilot Mode

Automatically reply with an answer to user’s email query if it already has a solution in your help center.

Lead Conversion Block

A simple, dynamic call-to-action (CTA) button to capture your leads in the Help Center.

Live Chat Integration

Integrate the popular live chat applications inside your Help Center.

Integrations with ticketing system

Intergrate your help center with the ticketing system you use to quickly create a support ticket in case the users didn’t find the answer they were looking for.

Multi Language Support

Provide local language support for your users to better understand the Help Center content.

SEO Optimisation

A separate panel to add meta title and description for an article to make it more search engine friendly.

Get feedback on articles

Allow users to give feedback on articles that you can use to improve them.

Self-help Widget

A widget that can be embedded in your website to quickly access your help articles by your users without leaving the website.

Article Revisions

Every edit on an help article is stored as a revision so that you can restore previous version incase of a mistake.

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